Benefits of Gardening

BeeSprout garden

Have you started your summer garden yet? Gardening is a wonderful pastime that can provide a solace from busy day-to-day life. Any gardener can express how satisfying it is to eat home-grown tomatoes and fresh herbs. In addition to amazing culinary experiences, gardening has numerous benefits! Gardening is fun, connects people to the earth, saves money, improves mental and physical health, and nurtures the environment. Here are some of the benefits of gardening:

  1. Growing your own vegetables and herbs saves you money on groceries!
  2. Studies have shown that having your home surrounded by green spaces can help cut down on heating and cooling costs!
  3. Having a garden increases property values and neighborhood satisfaction overall.
  4. Several studies have shown that gardening relieves stress.
  5. Bacteria that lives in soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, has been proven to release serotonin, which makes people happier!BeeSprout garden
  6. Gardeners are 36% less likely to develop dementia.
  7. Being around plants can improve memory by up to 20%!
  8. Home grown food is often more nutritious than store-bought food, thus improving health overall.
  9. People who grow fruits and vegetables eat more fruits and vegetables!  
  10. Regular gardening reduces the chance of obesity and are 66% less likely to experience cardiac arrest; one study suggests that gardeners have lower BMI’s.
  11. Gardening can reduce carbon emissions and waste because it reduces the emissions that normally come from shipping and packaging produce!

Having a garden is a rewarding and fulfilling hobby as well as having many health benefits. It provides a mental reprieve from the stress of daily life. Having a garden can save money in addition to improving neighborhood satisfaction simply because of its aesthetic beauty. Having a garden can vastly improve your life, so get outside and start growing!  

BeeSprout Garden

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