Cultivating the Home Garden of the Future

Cultivating the Home Garden of the Future

I am busy, and so are you. I want to eat healthier, and I hope you do too. In a busy lifestyle, it is important to take time to ground yourself while keeping up with your health.

An abundant amount of research indicates that spending time outdoors, enjoying sunshine and fresh air is beneficial to our health and stress management; it only

Tiny tomatoes from Maria Bocanegra's garden
Tiny garden tomatoes

takes is a few minutes outside to experience the benefits for yourself.

I find gardening therapeutic and enjoy harvesting the veggies of my efforts. With my busy schedule, however, it is nearly impossible to find time for leisure. My garden is usually the first to suffer from my lack of time. Living in a dry Arizona climate where temperatures can fluctuate quickly, all it takes is one busy day of negligence for my tomatoes to perish, alongside all of my hard work. Still, I love gardening so much, that I needed to find a better way to keep my plants alive. With a team of motivated developers and entrepreneurs, I want to introduce my garden and yours into the Internet of Things.

The Problem

Tending to my own garden, I came across a challenge that needed to be remediated, and along came the vision for BeeSprout.

No matter how much time we devote or how much we desire for our garden to thrive, sometimes it just doesn’t. This can be immensely frustrating and giving up becomes a tempting option. It is important to note that the quality and life of a plant depends on so many factors that can vary throughout the day; these include but are not limited to amount of light, soil moisture, soil pH, humidity, and season. In simpler words, it’s not you (or your self-fulfilling lack of Green Thumb prophecy), it’s your plant that was having issues.

The Garden Bot Solution

A device that monitors garden conditions and keeps me connected through my phone struck me as an ideal solution. Within the limitations of a small gardening space, I strive to get the highest quality of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. While the outcome is important, it is not worth sacrificing process and experience.

Peppers harvested from the garden by Maria Bocanegra in testing for the BeeSprout Garden Bot
Extra spicy jalapeños

I would never want to trade the authentic feeling of being in touch with nature for an automated gardening system that grows herbs for me. Rather, I envision a device that enhances your gardening experience and will prevent plant deaths even when you are most busy.

While there are a few products that have garden monitoring abilities, I was looking for something to monitor the moisture of my plants so that I can avoid over or under watering. My rosemary plant needs much less water than my tomato plant, and trying to provide a happy medium can lead to root rot and bug invasion in the rosemary, while still leaving the tomato plant thirsty. With the BeeSprout Garden Bot, I will be able to adjust irrigation based on individual plants’ needs.

The BeeSprout Garden Bot will connect to multiple soil moisture sensors. To further facilitate irrigation, I can group my plants based on sunlight and watering needs. The BeeSprout iPhone app alerts me if either the weather or soil is unusually dry for the current season, or if my plants simply need more water.

Living in a dry climate susceptible to drought, such as California and Arizona. The BeeSprout Garden Bot will prevent excess irrigation without depriving plants of their required water supply.

The BeeSprout Garden Bot is truly the future of home gardening because it enriches the natural gardening experience while increasing plant longevity and decreasing accidental or brief negligence-related plant deaths. No more dead plants!! (Hopefully.) We are still in the early stages of development. To learn more about BeeSprout, you can visit our website

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